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As a good businessman, what you need to do is give your business the required tool and it would start to work perfectly to increase your required devidence. Also if are an applicant and you really need the job, the best approach is to get trained by the Masters, become one of the best then at this point jobs will start to look for you.

best web developers in nigeria Choose What You Want Us To Develop Or Design For You

Static Pages

Our Static pages are simple beginners content pages that showcases your small business and company. It has about five(5) static but responsive pages with contact details without any web form.Budget:
(NGN40000 - NGN60000)

Business Starter

For owners of small business, this package would showcases your business and project your company. It has about Ten(10) responsive pages with a working contact form to collect your clients details. Budget:
(NGN60000 - NGN95000)

Business Pro

For professional businessmen, this package empowers your business to have the best perform at its peak to produce the required result. It has more responsive pages with web forms to manage your clients details.Budget:
(NGN95000 - NGN14000)

Company Website

A package that has 2 of it kind; a fully responsive website without Database or the database driven one. Depending on your budget and what you would want. It would be good for both companies and business organizations.Budget:
(NGN140000 - NGN500000)


If you have a veriety of products to sell online, we would use any of the most popular E-commerce Content Managment System technology, preferably Magento or Presteshop to develop a suitable system that would manage every sales for your business.Budget:
(NGN230000 - NGN450000)

Top Organizations

This Package is for Government organizations, like the Local, State & Federal Government websites. As you know this kind of projects always have a huge contents & needs almost all the functions that is included in other packages.Budget:
(NGN400000 - NGN1.2M)

Sch. Mgt. Portal

Our School Managment Software is not a clonned type but is 100% developed by Our Company with strong security measures put in place to suit your academic purposes like Admission, Payment of fees, Exams Registration etc.Budget:
(NGN500000 - NGN1.8M)

Data Mgt. Software

As the name implies, this Package is an MIS for companies with daily huge data generation. We would create a Database with large content as may be required by our clients to store and manage all thier organizational informations any time.Budget:
(NGN300000 - NGN1.5)

Enroll In Our Certified Website & Software Development Training Courses

  • Here you would learn the basics of Photoshop, HTML, CSS. At completion, you would design a Static web page for us and get certified.
    Course Cost
    NGN35000 Or (USD100)
    NGN32000 Or (USD95)

  • In this course, you would learn Advance HTML, basics of JAVASCRIPT,PHP & MYSQL. At completion, you would design an Interactive Web Page
    (with a working Form) for us before you get certified.
    Course Cost
    NGN72000 Or (USD210)
    NGN58000 Or (USD165)

  • In this course, you would learn Advance JAVASCRIPT,PHP & MYSQL. At completion, you would design a Database driven Websites for us before you get certified.
    Course Cost
    NGN225000 Or (USD635)
    NGN165000 Or (USD465)

  • In this course, you would concentrate on C#, and PYTHON At completion, you would design a standard Software Application for us before you get certified.
    Course Cost
    NGN420000 Or (USD210)
    NGN250000 Or (USD705)